Payment and Job Status totally dependent on the Job Scopes. The Scopes are the proof that the Freelancer is working or has completed the work defined in Scope.

Example - A:

On a Job X, Client hired a freelancer and have defined 5 scopes. Freelancer has completed all of the 5 scopes and have got an approval on each scope from the Client. In such a case, Freelancer is entitled for all of the money on that Job.

Example - B:

On a Job Y, Client hired a freelancer and have defined 6 scopes. Freelancer has completed and have got approval only on 3 scopes and for some reason either he declined to work or Client raised a dispute or any such situation arise, we'll consider it as 50% of the job done and will release the payment to freelancer for that 50% of the work and rest of the 50% will be refunded to the client.

Example - C: On a Job Z, Client hired a freelancer and have defined 10 scopes. Freelancer has completed 4 scopes and for some reason both parties do not want to continue but the 4 scopes Freelancer has completed had only a little (5%-20%) weightage of the total work, in such a case, Client is entitled to maximum refund and some part will be paid to the freelancer.

These were a very few examples. There are many such cases where payments & refunds are considered on each part after hearing both parties.