Once Freelancer has accepted the offer, you will be getting notification for that. 

1. Go to "My Workroom" from the Work tab in Header.

2. The job is in INACTIVE state now, you can click on the Job on which offer was accepted.

3. You will be asked to make the payment for the Job. 

4. Make the payment on the Job. 

5. Once the payment is successful, the Job state will change to IN PROGRESS and now freelancer can start working.

6. Freelancer will be sending you the notes on the Scopes you have defined and will be asking for your approval.

7. Once all of the Scopes are Completed, the job state will change to COMPLETED

8. You can now avail FREE SUPPORT if you have requested for that in the Offer you sent in the beginning of the Job.

9. You can now APPROVE the payment to Freelancer.