There are two cases:

1. If you want to use multiple accounts as a Freelancer:

  a) This is NOT allowed and even if you register with another email id, name, phone number etc then too you might need to verify your identity.

  b) You can withdraw money to your Bank Account or Paypal Id after you have validated either or both with Us else you will not be able to withdraw any money.

  c) If during inspection it is found that you are having multiple accounts then we'll suspend all of your accounts and no money will be allowed to withdraw in that case and Oridle will forfeit that money as per policy.

2. If you want to use one account as a Freelance and the other as a Client:

a) Yes, This is Allowed. But here too, you can have only ONE Freelancer account and ONE Client account.

b) However in a case when you post a job as a client and hire yourself we'll suspend both of the accounts and will forfeit the money in both accounts as this is cleary a policy violation.